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Dust and Debris Cleaner

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Introducing SlotSweep Pro, your ultimate solution for a spotlessly clean home! This innovative hand-held long handle slot brush is designed to make cleaning a breeze. With its extended handle and flat brush head, SlotSweep Pro effortlessly reaches every nook and cranny, ensuring your living spaces are free from dust, hair, and debris.

Key Features:
1. **Precision Cleaning:** Our long handle slot brush starts from each corner, easily penetrating into tight spaces to absorb dust and hair, leaving your surfaces immaculate.

2. **Crevice Power:** The flat brush head effortlessly dives into crevices, making quick work of trapped dust, hair, and other pesky particles.

3. **Extended Reach:** Extend the handle to clean even the highest spots with ease, eliminating the need for ladders or step stools.

4. **Built to Last:** Crafted from robust materials, the strong handle is durable and smooth, ensuring a comfortable and efficient grip, without any hairy edges.

5. **Bonus Replacement Cloths:** SlotSweep Pro comes with 2 replacement cloths, so you're always prepared for a thorough clean. Its tail hanging hole design allows you to conveniently hang it after use, saving valuable space in your cleaning closet.

- **Material:** PP + fine fiber + aluminum rod
- **Size:** 101*8cm / 42.5*3.14in
- **Colors:** Available in Blue and Grey

Package Contents:
- 1 x Dust Cleaner Brush
- 2 x Replacement Cloths

Upgrade your cleaning routine with SlotSweep Pro and experience the joy of a cleaner, more comfortable living environment. Say goodbye to hidden dust and hello to a sparkling home today!




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