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Cotton Tube Top Bathrobe

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The bath skirt is divided into hedging and buckle styles, which are divided into thick styles and thin styles. The thin style is suitable for spring, summer and autumn, and the thick style is suitable for autumn and winter. The selected material is superfine fiber. Strong water absorption and super soft.

Color Classification:
1 : Rose pink-400g high-quality flannel with open buckle
2 : Sky blue-400g high-quality flannel button
3 : Carmine-400g high-quality flannel with open buckle
4 : Bean Paste Color-400g High-quality Flannel Unbuckle
5 : Haze blue-400g high-quality flannel button
6 : Thick water absorption (rose red)
7 : Thick water absorption (light purple)
8 : Thick water absorption (pink)
9 : Thick water absorption (gray)
10 : Thick water absorption (medium purple)
11 : Thick water absorption (blue)
12 : Thick water absorption (water green)
13 : Thick water absorption (rusty brown)
14 : Pure cotton thin section (rose red)
15 : Pure cotton thin section (yin purple)
16 : Pure cotton thin section (coffee)
17 : Pure cotton thin section (concubine powder)
18 : Pure cotton thin section (flower gray)
19 : Pure cotton thin section (coral)
20 : Pure cotton thin section (emerald blue)
21 : Tube top skirt (purple)
22 : Tube top skirt (rose red)

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