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Bathroom Halloween sticker set

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Description: Turn your bathroom into a spine-chilling chamber of horror with our Gory Grasp and Ghastly Gait Toilet Sticker Set. This set of macabre decals adds a touch of the macabre to your bathroom decor, creating an eerie atmosphere that's perfect for horror enthusiasts and fans of the supernatural.

Key Features:

Terrifyingly Realistic: Each sticker in the set features a gruesome depiction of bloody handprints and footprints, adding an unsettling and realistic touch to your bathroom.

Set of Eight: With more than five pieces in each set, you'll have enough stickers to cover your bathroom walls, mirrors, or tiles in chilling horror. Give your bathroom a complete makeover with this extensive sticker set.

Versatile Decor: Not limited to just the bathroom, these stickers can be applied to any smooth surface, allowing you to create a haunted house atmosphere in other rooms if you dare.

High-Quality Material: Crafted from durable PVC, these stickers are designed to withstand bathroom conditions and remain vividly gruesome for an extended period.

Nordic Style: Embrace a unique style with a hint of Nordic inspiration, combining minimalism with the macabre for a truly distinctive aesthetic.

Transform your bathroom into a horror scene with the Gory Grasp and Ghastly Gait Toilet Sticker Set. These chilling decals add a spine-tingling ambiance that will make every trip to the bathroom an unforgettable experience. Create your own horror story and get ready for a frightful surprise every time you enter. Dare to decorate with terror; get your sticker set today!

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