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Obstacle Avoidance Drone

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Description: Elevate your drone experience with the KF106 Laser Obstacle Avoidance 360° Drone, a cutting-edge marvel that redefines what a quadcopter can do. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or just starting, this drone offers an array of features that cater to all skill levels.

Advanced Obstacle Avoidance: Equipped with laser obstacle avoidance technology, this drone boasts a 360° detection radius, ensuring safe and smooth flights. Say goodbye to unexpected collisions and fly with confidence.

Three-Axis Cloud Head: The KF106 features a state-of-the-art three-axis cloud head, providing superior stability and precision during flight. Capture stunning aerial shots and videos with ease, even in challenging conditions.

Foldable and Portable: Its foldable design makes it incredibly portable. Take it on your adventures and capture breathtaking landscapes from above. When you're done, simply fold it up for easy storage and transportation.

Brushless Motors: Powered by efficient brushless motors, this drone delivers a quieter, longer-lasting flight experience. Enjoy extended flight times and minimal maintenance.

GPS and Optical Flow: Benefit from GPS positioning and optical flow technology, ensuring accurate and stable hovering, even in windy conditions. Takeoff and landing have never been smoother.

Dual-Camera Setup: Equipped with dual cameras, including a 4K HD camera and an optical flow camera, you can capture incredible photos and videos from various angles. Experience the world from a whole new perspective.

User-Friendly: Suitable for both beginners and experienced pilots, the KF106 features user-friendly controls and intuitive operation. Get started quickly and enjoy the thrill of flying.


  • Drone Model: KF106
  • Obstacle Avoidance: 360° Laser Detection
  • Camera: 4K HD + Optical Flow
  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • Foldable Design: Yes
  • GPS Positioning: Yes
  • Optical Flow Technology: Yes
  • Flight Time: Extended
  • Skill Level: Suitable for All

Package Contents:

  • KF106 Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Spare Propellers
  • User Manual

Discover a new realm of possibilities with the KF106 Laser Obstacle Avoidance 360° Drone. Whether you're a photography enthusiast or an adventure seeker, this drone offers a seamless and exhilarating flying experience. Soar to new heights, capture stunning visuals, and explore the world from a whole new perspective.


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