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Multifunctional Tool Card

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Product information:

Name: Sabre card, tool card
Color as shown
Material: Stainless steel
Specifications: 7*4.5CM, thickness 2MM

1. Can screwdriver: The hook below is used in conjunction with the cutting edge above, which can easily open the tin can;
2. Side knife: the edge is sharp, it can cut rope, and it is not a problem to cut fruit after washing;
3. Screwdriver: The angle and thickness are reasonable, and it can tighten the screws of common types;
4. Ruler: using metric scale, the small scale is mm;
5. Bottle opener: suitable for opening bottle caps such as beer and beverages;
6. Positioning wrench: Four different types of hexagonal wrench, suitable for the size of the bolts and nuts used in daily life;
7. Adjustable wrench: that is, a long hollow slot, which can be used to flatten items with turnbuckles of different thicknesses;
8. Sawtooth: Double rows of staggered sawtooth, increase strength, improve efficiency, can saw wood branches, and is also very useful for removing fish scales;
9. Direction indication: Different directions can be accurately determined by using the scale of sixteen equal parts;
10. Positioning wrench: two different types of hexagonal wrench, which are smaller than the model with function 6;
11. There is a round hole on the opposite corner of the same screwdriver, which can be hung on the key ring.

One-time forming of stainless steel, high strength, workmanship, sharp blade and strong steel body;
Comes with a black leather protective cover, which can prevent the cutting edge from hurting itself;
The specification is similar to the size of a credit card, it can be put into a wallet or hung on a key ring, and it is very convenient to carry and use;
Small size and many functions:

Packing list:

Tool card *1 Leather cover *1, instruction manual *1

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